Friday, February 18, 2011

Fried Cupcakes?

This morning I made it through a half hour of school before going to the nurse and finding out I had a I got sent home!  When I reached my couch, I curled up with my comforter and feel asleep to the Today show.  When I woke up I flipped through some channels to find my home girl Paula Dean was on!  And what was she making when I turned her on?  FRIED CUPCAKES.  I watched, and I have decided that I will never embark on making a fried cupcake.  That just crosses some lines that should not be crossed, in my opinion. 
I haven't blogged in a while, so let me catch you up on what cupcakes I made last week. 

Chocolate Cupcakes with a Strawberry Butter-cream Frosting
These were delicious.  Nothing more can really be said.  My favorite part was the frosting, which I made a day ahead!   The strawberry did not taste artifical in any way and was not overpowering in any sense like canned strawberry frosting tends to be. 

Devil's Food with Chocolate Ganache Cupcake
These were also great.  I only had a bite of one because I was in love with the strawberry buttercream, but people seemed to really enjoy it.

I had great success with these two recipes, and both the buttercream and the ganache turned out the way they should have!  I'm still pretty sick so I'm going to be lazy and not go into great detail here tonight, but very soon I will tell all of you 13 followers how I obtained a wonderful butercream and ganache.

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