Friday, February 4, 2011


I am Gabby.  I have never gotten into anything involving writing, reading, or anything along those lines.  Yet, here I am starting up my very own blog...I'm not sure what will come of this or if it will even stick.
To me, the whole blogging thing seems weird.  You make a pretty page with a nice background, colorful fonts, and then you write and write and write on whatever you want to focus on.  Yeah, it's all fun, but is it really worth the time and energy....?
But hey!  I'll give it a try!  I'm in need of some new hobbies because watching Netflix off of my family's new TV is becoming a little bit addicting; I don't want to turn into a couch potato who watches the messed up dramatized lives of fictional characters all day (even though it is fun).  And a person can only run so much, go through x-number of Sun Salutations, snack, and nap in one day.  Oh, and homework is now minimal, being I am around 4 months from high school graduation and having a free block a day in school to get done what needs to be done. So, here I am and I have cupcakes on the brain.
Recently, I've been exploring the world of cupcakes (mainly just through random pictures and recipes I come across online).  From my internet-cupcake-adventuring, I have become inspired to take up the art of cupcakes.  There are so many places a cupcake can go, and I want to attempt to take them to some of these places.  I will do it all from scratch (usually), because I'm not a fan of cake mixes (the concept scares me that all you have to do is add water, oil, and eggs to a package of some sugary/floury mixture and then bam! you have a cake).
I have no history with cupcakes.  I do have basic baking skills down, but I am by no means a pastry chef.  I suck at frosting cupcakes compared to any pictured cupcake as of now and I tend to over-beat everything because I like to watch the mixer go round and round on its own.  But hey, I have all the time in the world to improve this crap now since it's my hobby.
I am promising myself to make one cupcake recipe a week (at least).  I will feed my family, friends, and random children of the halls of BHS with these.  Some will fail and others will hopefully be yummy.  And with my journey through the land of wittle baby cakes, I will document my every move on this thing.  My grammar won't be fancy, I will probably misspell words, and I will never use big words, but at least I will be doing something other than watching 10 episodes of Law and Order SVU on Netflix....

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  1. I am excited for the inaugural baking session. Can't wait to see pictures. And you are great at the frosting part.